I saw my ex on tinder just now and it was a little weird because I was like “i was seriously in a relationship with this guy?” I haven’t seen him in such a long time and haven’t thought about him or anything so he’s kind of just faded into the trash bin of my memory and become a stranger so seeing him so suddenly was kind of a “woah wtf” moment. I kinda was realizing that nothing about him was my type - like he’s handsome and attractive I guess but he’s not for me in the slightest bit. Idk it was just weird seeing him even if it was just a photo, and even if it did last all of 5 seconds. Now I’m remembering we attend the same school and hoping I don’t bump into his skinny ass anytime soon lol 👀🔫🔪



imagine paying $750 for a url then getting deleted lmao


My room is so hot right now I want to text one of my friends to come to my room and turn my ac down lol

All of my relationships have been such flops lmao 😂


the worst kind of gays are the fat ones with beards who are obsessed with cuddling they’re like worse than twinks


Dick riding IS NOT a form of transportation!!!!!!!! 


Paris studies The Art of War2006